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IT Management includes a variety of functions for managing computers in a networked environment, including software distribution, version control, backup & recovery, job scheduling, virus protection and performance and capacity planning.
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By: EMC Converged Platforms     Published Date: Jun 15, 2016
In this video, ESG analyst Colm Keegan discusses the new VCE VxRail. He explains the rationale for the product, where it fits in the VCE’s portfolio, and addresses the growing demand for HCI systems.
Tags : vce, esg, vxrail. hyper-converged, hci systems, it management
     EMC Converged Platforms
By: EMC Converged Platforms     Published Date: Jun 15, 2016
A comprehensive overview of the VxRail hyper-converged appliance from Colin Gallagher, Senior Director of Product Marketing, VxRail, VCE.
Tags : vce, vxrail, product overview, hyper-converged, it management
     EMC Converged Platforms
By: EMC Converged Platforms     Published Date: Jun 15, 2016
As a leader in medical informatics imaging, FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A. uses the best technology tools to deploy their software solutions at customer sites. VxRail allows FUJIFILM to build for scale and quick deployments that are predictable and repeatable to ensure the availability of critical systems within the healthcare enterprise.
Tags : vce, fujifilm, medical systems, enhancing patient care, software solutions
     EMC Converged Platforms
By: Cisco & F5     Published Date: Jun 06, 2016
As IT strives to accelerate business, one smart route leverages new partnerships that speed time-to-value.
Tags : f5 networks, cisco, devops, software-defined networks, sdn
     Cisco & F5
By: Pivot3     Published Date: Jun 03, 2016
Enterprises around the world continue to grapple with the immense challenges associated with the growing complexity of their IT environments and the exponential growth of data. Heterogeneous IT ecosystems place unnecessary, excessive demands on IT resources and skills, creating gaps that can be difficult to overcome as businesses grow and IT deployments become larger and more complicated to support expanding data center operations. As IT teams scramble to accommodate emerging and immediate workload requirements across business units, IT costs and complexity will continue to spiral out of control without technology that directly addresses simplified operations and data center agility.
Tags : data management, business practices, data center. data application, enterprise applications, business intelligence
By: Tripp Lite     Published Date: May 31, 2016
This White Paper will: • Outline the challenges of cooling evolving IT infrastructure • Explain close-coupled cooling, available solutions, and the advantages compared to conventional perimeter systems • Recommend a plan of action to identify and solve cooling issues in your environment
Tags : tripp lite, close coupled it cooling solutions, best practices, data centers, it infrastructure
     Tripp Lite
By: Tripp Lite     Published Date: May 17, 2016
As wattages increase in high-density server applications, providing redundant power becomes more challenging and costly. Traditionally, the most practical solution for distributing redundant power to 208V server racks above 5 kW has been to connect dual 3-phase rack PDUs to dual power supplies in each server. Although this approach is reliable, there is a better way. Tripp Lite has developed a patent-pending high-capacity 3-phase rack ATS specifically designed to deliver efficient, reliable redundant power to high-density clustered server environments. This White Paper will: • Explain the redundancy challenges for high-density server racks • Compare traditional dual PDU and 3-phase rack ATS redundancy setups • Outline the benefits of using a Tripp Lite 3-phase rack ATS
Tags : server, applications, wattage, power, high density
     Tripp Lite
By: SAS     Published Date: May 17, 2016
This report provides a guide to some of the opportunities that are available for using machine learning in business, and how to overcome some of the key challenges of incorporating machine learning into an analytics strategy. We will discuss the momentum of machine learning in the current analytics landscape, the growing number of modern applications for machine learning, as well as the organizational and technological challenges businesses face when adopting machine learning. We will also look at how two specific organizations are exploiting the opportunities and overcoming the challenges of machine learning as they’ve embarked on their own analytic evolution.
Tags : oreilly, evolution of analytics, sas, machine learning, analytics landscape
By: SAS     Published Date: May 12, 2016
This paper examines the barriers to adoption from an IT and end-user perspective, and shows how self-service analytics in general – and SAS Visual Analytics in particular – can eliminate these barriers. Self-service analytics empowers users to truly exploit the wealth of data available to them, while ensuring that the IT organization maintains governance and control over that data.
Tags : sas, business analytics, it organization, it management, wireless
By: Thomson Reuters     Published Date: May 05, 2016
Emerging tax legislation and regulatory changes have proven a challenge to tax departments over the past couple years. How can your tax department come out on top? Explore what’s driving the game-changing shifts within direct tax and how a tax technology strategy enables exceptional tax management, propelling both your department and organization forward. Download the free white paper today.
Tags : global tax compliance, corporate tax software, tax technology, thomson reuters onesource, corporate income tax
     Thomson Reuters
By: NaviSite     Published Date: May 04, 2016
Leveraging a hybrid cloud infrastructure—combining on-premises and cloud capabilities—is a strategy many enterprises are embracing in order to maximize IT flexibility and performance. Here are ten things to guide any enterprise considering a hybrid cloud strategy.
Tags : navisite, hybrid cloud, cloud management, cloud capabilities, cloud infrastructure
By: NaviSite     Published Date: May 03, 2016
Here are ten things to consider about Office 365, as well as the role that a manager services/cloud provider such as NaviSite can play in helping you address these concerns.
Tags : navisite, microsoft, microsoft office 365, office solutions, it management
By: Pluralsight     Published Date: Apr 27, 2016
In this webinar, Pluralsight author & IT Consultant Elias Khnaser, walks listeners through the differences between Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. You will be ready to make more informed decisions as you migrate your workloads to the public cloud.
Tags : pluralsight, microsoft, azure, amazon, aws
By: Pluralsight     Published Date: Apr 27, 2016
Are you ready for AngularJS 2.0? How will this potentially major overhaul impact you and your business? In this on demand webinar, Pluralsight author Joe Eames will cover what’s different with 2.0, what’s staying the same and how you can begin experimenting with it today.
Tags : pluralsight, webinar, angularjs 2.0, joe eames, it management
By: YLD     Published Date: Apr 27, 2016
IT departments are faced with new challenges, with increased competition, lower customer loyalty and globalisation. It all requires faster development while dealing with shadow IT, legacy systems and requirements for highly skilled teams, with expertise in new, disruptive technologies.
Tags : it department, customer loyalty, technology, it support, becoming a disruptive cio
By: Mimecast     Published Date: Apr 20, 2016
Mimecast conducted a whaling attack survey with 500 organizations around the globe and the results were alarming.
Tags : mimecast, data breach, personalized emails, network defenses, cyber threats
By: Cisco     Published Date: Apr 11, 2016
Cisco made Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) generally available on November 3rd, 2015. It is an SDN controller that supports apps that make WAN and access networks easier to deploy and manage. Cisco’s focus on a low-risk, incremental approach to adopting SDN will appeal to its user-base. Cisco needs to describe the policy control capabilities benefits of APIC-EM, and also highlight its power as a platform and its ability to distinguish apps from point solution offerings from many other companies with competitive features.
Tags : esg brief, cisco apic, sdn controller, wan, sdn
By: OpenText     Published Date: Apr 08, 2016
Simplify and enhance your B2B operations to rapidly respond to new business opportunities, realize over 40% savings in operating costs, and free up resources to focus on your core strategic initiatives.
Tags : b2b integration, b2b network, trading community, global expansion, supply chain
By: CDW - EMC     Published Date: Apr 07, 2016
The EMC VNX family delivers industry-leading innovation and enterprise capabilities for file and block storage in a scalable, easy-to-use unified storage solution. VNX storage combines powerful and flexible hardware with advanced efficiency, management, and protection software to meet your economical, and performance needs. With the VNX you can consolidate multiple workloads and still enjoy the best economics for yoru virtual and physical applications without compromise. The VNX allows you to enjoy the performance of flash at the cost-effectiveness of disk for all your mixed workloads. With industry leading application integration, you can start small and scale to multi-petabyte environments, you can utilize automated storage tiering, encryption, local and remote protection all while knowing that VNX is trusted by tens of thousands of customers.
Tags : storage management, performance management, best practices, application integration, software protection
     CDW - EMC
By: OpenText     Published Date: Mar 23, 2016
World's leading steel company, ArcelorMittal increases global visibility across B2B transaction with considerably improved monitoring capabilities. The global footprint of OpenText allows them to connect to customers anywhere in the world.
Tags : b2b integration, global expansion, supply chain, managed services, b2b network
By: Viavi Solutions     Published Date: Mar 21, 2016
At Viavi Solutions® we’ve had the benefit of observing a number of hybrid cloud deployments up close. All sectors of IT users—from small to large enterprises, governmental groups, and even cloud service providers (CSPs) who themselves have begun to offer managed cloud services from third-party platforms—touch the hybrid cloud environment. CIOs, especially, face new challenges in deploying or expanding their enterprise presence in the cloud. This white paper examines four critical areas—migration, security, costs, and visibility—where CIOs can make major differences in the successful execution of hybrid cloud strategies. We’ve listed 20 fundamental questions CIOs can discuss with both their internal deployment groups and their external CSP/system integrator in preparation for a migration to or an expansion of hybrid cloud services.
Tags : viavi solutions, hybrid clouds, it management, wireless, enterprise applications
     Viavi Solutions
By: Viavi Solutions     Published Date: Mar 21, 2016
With the increasing adoption of hybrid IT, organizations are seeking ways to manage these new “bimodal” environments. One proven way to manage a hybrid IT environment is to use a monitoring solution to ensure service, availability, and performance. Here we discuss five characteristics you should seek in a hybrid IT monitoring solution.
Tags : viavi solutions, it services, it monitoring, hybrid it, bimodal environments
     Viavi Solutions
By: Viavi Solutions     Published Date: Mar 21, 2016
IT today is more complex than ever. Public cloud, networks, storage systems, servers, and applications all combine to deliver today’s IT services. But how do you manage such a diverse and complex infrastructure? Can legacy tools help after this seismic shift? This document answers these questions and provides 20 tools you need to deliver services in this new hybrid IT world.
Tags : viavi solutions, hybrid it, public cloud, storage systems, it services
     Viavi Solutions
By: BitSight Technologies     Published Date: Mar 02, 2016
Cybersecurity in the financial services industry is rapidly evolving. Do you know how to stay ahead of the curve? The financial sector has been a pioneer for vendor risk management (VRM) best practices for a long time. Yes cybersecurity practices are continuing to evolve, and regulatory bodies are focusing more on third-party risk. Are you prepared for these changes? We'll dive further into this topic in this white paper and exploe: - How the threat landscape has been changing - and what can you do about it. - Some challenges the financial industries face in taking on VRM. - Four proactive tips for better VRM practices that you can put into place today. Download this free white paper now to better understand the changes to cybersecurity in the financial industry and what you can do about it.
Tags : bitsight, risk management, cybersecurity, vrm practices, vendor risk management
     BitSight Technologies
By: BitSight Technologies     Published Date: Feb 29, 2016
Cybersecurity is an issue facing nearly every organization today—and if you aren’t taking the necessary precautions, your company, customers, and vendors could all suffer.
Tags : cybersecurity, security risk, security ratings, security, it management
     BitSight Technologies
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