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Preventing Data Center Downtime

White Paper Published By: Gigamon
Published:  Apr 17, 2014
Type:  White Paper

The Data Center is the lifeblood of any large enterprise organization. In the data center, applications and the associated data traverse the networked infrastructure 24x7 providing critical services to both internal and external users. Today’s data centers are increasingly complex with many different technologies
working together at faster speeds than ever before.

As a result, downtime in the data center is unacceptable because downtime can cost companies millions of dollars per hour in lost revenue. To ensure the efficient operation of the
data center, reduce bottlenecks, prevent outages, and maintain security it is vital to carefully monitor and analyze all the traffic within the data center. In order to effectively monitor all the data, it is quintessential to have secure access and complete visibility. Customers must augment their architecture with Traffic Visibility Nodes to achieve secure access and complete visibility of all the data in today’s data centers.

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