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Environmental Data Center Management and Monitoring

White Paper Published By: Raritan
Published:  Oct 07, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

When data center managers think of environmental management and monitoring they typically think of temperature sensors, and perhaps humidity sensors but, where should they be placed? Though temperature sensors remain the most prevalent sensors, there are many sensors which can be usefully deployed in a data center. There are sensors for determining whether a cabinet door is open, the difference in pressure between two locations, the rate of airflow, and the presence of water. There are even sensors for tracking IT assets. This white paper will review some of the sensors which are useful in a data center.

There was a time, not long ago, when data center managers relied on the room thermostat to indicate the ambient temperature of a data center. They would set the temperature in the mid-60s°F to ensure adequate cooling. Now, most data center managers know that such an ambient temperature is unnecessarily cold and wasteful of energy. A room thermostat only indicates the temperature at the thermostat’s location, typically an interior wall. It is far more useful to know the temperature at the cool air inlets of IT devices. Being able to see plots of temperatures from multiple sensors can identify hot spots and areas of overcooling.

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