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Maintaining and Upgrading a Legacy Data Center Webcast

Webinar Published By: Future Facilities
Future Facilities
Published:  Dec 27, 2010
Type:  Webinar

Future Facilities welcomes you to attend a live web presentations discussing real case studies from major financial institutions.

What causes stranded data center capacity? And how can stranded capacity be regained without having to resort to drastic measures?
These questions and more will be answered in this Future Facilities seminar. This presentations from well-regarded financial institutions about how an ongoing look at the environment through simulation, became an integral part of their planning processes and allowed them to manage away this otherwise stranded capacity.  The seminar will also cover the ways in which simulation can improve:

  • Design, load capacity planning, power management, cost analysis, energy efficiency, troubleshooting and more
  • IT equipment choices as well as placement within cabinets
  • Choices and layouts of cabinets
  • Cooling methods (such as cold/hot aisle containment)
  • Understanding and management of IT equipment demands and characteristics
  • Management of rapidly evolving IT equipment design and its effect on the facility.

Wednesday 19th January 2011:
Maintaining and upgrading a legacy datacenter

Time Slot 1 - 9:00am Pacific Standard Time
Time Slot 2 - 9:00am Eastern Standard Time

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